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Travel Trade Conference: Tourism During Crisis

Terranova invited all its partners from the tourism community of Israel to participate in an Online Conference that will be held on 02 NOVEMBER 2023 at 02 PM (GMT +3). Well-known leaders of the Israeli and Global Travel Industry will join as Keynote Speakers and share their experiences, assessments and recommendations.


Each Panel will lead Terranova team and it will be followed by an interactive Q&A session in Hebrew and English, allowing you to engage directly with the Speakers. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of our esteemed Keynote Speakers.

Pandemic Vs War

14:00 Opening Words 14:15 What have we learned from COVID-19 that can help us get through this crisis?

Seat Host: Dov Kalmann

Changing Travel Map

14:45 What kind of changes are expected in the tourism map of Israelis, if any?

Seat Host: Imri Kalmann

New Trends & Values

15:15 How do the core values and travel trends of the Israelis affect tourism nowadays?

Seat Host: Noa Rabinowitz

Marketing During Crisis

15:45 When can we promote tourism and how can we fit our products to the situation?

Seat Host: Jasmin Koren

16:00 Closing Words

we are terranova

Terranova Tourism Marketing & Consultancy LTD is Israel’s leading company specializing in branding global tourism organizations, hotel chains, airlines, and DMCs for the booming Israeli outbound travel market. Today, during times of crisis, Terranova continues to support the Israeli travel trade community and their global stakeholders through strategic consultancy and preparation for the "Day After".

This is the time to unite and join forces, to manage resources wisely and to design new clarity for the entire tourism industry, in Israel and around it.



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