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Privacy Policy

The website is intended to facilitate public access to information about Tourism Destinations and connected Marketing Services. Our goal is to make this information as complete, accurate, and up-to-date as possible. If you notify us of errors via, we will take all necessary steps to correct them as soon as possible. For any questions, suggestions, or partnership inquiries we are here to answer at


The website will handle your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 and the Act Implementing the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (EC) No 45/2001 and Decision No 1247/2002/EC with the application of appropriate technical and security measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, loss or destruction.

We protect the privacy of our users and website visitors and provide access and communication of personal data only to those employees who need it to carry out their business activities, and to third parties only in cases expressly prescribed by law. We do not sell or rent your e-mail address and other data, and we will not make them available to third-party legal and natural persons without your consent. does not send you spam. is not responsible for accidental error or error due to force majeure or other objective circumstances that cause an accidental breach of the guaranteed protection of your data, but guarantees that the error will be rectified, if possible, as soon as possible. is not responsible for any damage to your computer caused by downloading files from this website or websites that you, as visitors access via a link from this website.

Data Processing

This Policy applies to the processing of personal data of users who visit our website 

Data Collection

We collect and process your personal information when you interact with us (for example, the information you enter by filling out a form on our website) by registering, or when you contact us via email or chat, which remains confidential:

Name and surname

Date of birth


E-mail address

Telephone and fax number

ID card data

Other information you provide to us 

If we have received your personal data from a third party, we will provide you with all relevant information about their processing as soon as possible, and no later than one month after we have received your personal data, including information about the categories of personal data being processed, depending of processing on its legal basis.

Every time you visit our website, if you allow us to use cookies, using the Google Analytics system (third-party cookies), we collect technical data such as the type and version of the browser, device, time zone, etc. collects personal data, such as your IP address, we already receive aggregated information about the use of our website (which pages are the most read, the duration of visits to certain pages, the average time spent on each page, etc.). We delete this data after 26 months. 


We store your personal data in a form that allows user identification, no longer than necessary, and a maximum of 5 years. We primarily collect personal data for the most efficient response to your inquiry:

Ensuring the provision of the requested service

Promotion of our services

Our internal statistical data processing

The possibility of sending publications, brochures & other promotional materials

We process your personal data for the purpose of communicating with you.

Data Confidentiality

We want to make it clear that when you visit the website, your personal information remains confidential. We undertake not to disclose to other parties the information we have received, except in the cases listed in the previous chapter.


When you send us an e-mail with personally identifiable information, either by e-mail with a question or comment, or by a form that you provide to us by e-mail, we use that information to meet your requirements.


At any time you can request a review of all personal information we have received from you. 
At your request, we may update, correct, or delete your information or discontinue using that information in the future by sending us an inquiry to

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