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The story of Terranova

Dov Kalmann, a seasoned tourism entrepreneur and former tour operator, is the company's founding father. In 2001, he was elected to represent the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Israel. This has become a huge success story, with Israel becoming one of Thailand's main source markets. Dov changed his career path in January 2020, making destination marketing his primary passion. Prior to the appearance of COVID, the company was ready to welcome additional destinations and tourism brands. Terranova got its name when airports were closed, planes were parked, and tour guides were out of work. The opportunity to envision a new Land of Tourism was obvious. The name change was more than just rebranding; the pandemic served as a wake-up call to our founding team that tourism needed to change. After 15 years of experience in community marketing, Dov's son, Imri, was nominated as the company's CEO in December 2022.


Partners are
part of the story

Our coss-marketing partners play a major role in the story.

We work hard to maintain and nourish the relationships with our cross-marketing partners. They have contributed to our success.

Our team 
of storytellers

Each and every member of Terranova's team is also a storyteller.
We are all driven by the passion for sightseeing, of understanding cultures, and building bridges.

The acceptance demands of our team are high professionality and a positive personality. Common values connect us to the mission and the joy of working together connects us to each other. We nourish and develop our contacts and relationships within the travel trade and media industry. We now proudly represent an impressive portfolio of destinations and tourism brands in the thriving Israeli market,
and we are ready for more.

What we do

From marketing strategy development to detailed action plan implementation, we consider the 3 pillars of our business promises at every step of the way.

Marketing - the most creative, efficient, and result-driven marketing partners and proposals, Tourism - the most professional, sales-oriented, and responsible tourism trade partners and collaborations,  and Communities - real, relevant, and positive community behavior for each and every destination and client. 

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