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Central Europe


The Central Europe Hub

Strategically positioned in the heart of Europe, Budapest serves as the ideal hub for Terranova Central Europe due to its accessibility and proximity to various key markets. The city's unique location enables seamless connections with a myriad of B2B and B2C partners, offering vast networking opportunities and fostering business growth. Additionally, Budapest's diverse venues and vibrant culture make it an exceptional location for hosting a wide range of events, enhancing our visibility and engagement in the industry. 

The Region










New Terranova office in Central Europe in Budapest

The new Terranova office in Budapest is responsible for the dynamic markets of Hungary, Czechia, Poland, and Romania. These countries attract a diverse range of travellers, from the adventurous to the luxury-seeking, all sharing a growing interest in global destinations. With robust economic growth and resilience in the face of challenges, the region offers increased disposable income and a renewed passion for travel. Excellent connectivity by land and air makes major destinations easily accessible. Central Europe's strategic location and travellers' eagerness make it an ideal gateway to introducing new experiences worldwide.

Market Potential

+ 20 Airports connect

various regions and world

4 Capitals - Warsaw, Bucharest, Prague, Budapest

50% of the population

travels at least once a year

+80 Million population market 4,5% + annual GDP growth

Most wanted products: Beach, City break, Active, Shopping

The region is capable of
37 million outbound tourists

The average stay is

7,5 days/trip

Paying more than 23 B USD

for their trips

Outbound Tourism



Country Profile: Hungary

Population: 9,6 M

Capital: Budapest

GDP/capita: 18,390 USD

Number of Outbound Visitors:

7,2 Million

Hungary's outbound tourism sector showcases unique characteristics, distinguishing Hungarian travellers in the Central European market. Renowned for their own wellness and thermal spa destinations, Hungarians often seek relaxation, value-for-money summer vacations for the whole family and gastronomy. Additionally, they have a strong inclination towards cultural exploration, engaging in historical tours and culinary experiences. While traditional travel agencies remain influential, there is a noticeable shift towards online booking platforms, adapting to global digital trends. The Hungarian market's evolving preferences and spending habits underline its potential as a lucrative segment for global destinations.



Country Profile: Poland

Population: 37,7 M

Capital: Warsaw

GDP/capita: 18,688 USD

Number of Outbound Visitors:

11,7 Million 

Poland's outbound tourism market is rapidly evolving as one of Central Europe's most sought-after traveller segments. Polish travellers, known for their love of warm beach holidays and cultural city breaks, are increasingly venturing abroad to explore new experiences in gastronomy, culture, and shopping - with increasing budget allocation for travel since 2021. Traditionally anchored in a robust B2B model, the Polish tourism sector is witnessing a significant rise in online travel agency (OTA) bookings, reflecting modern travel trends and preferences. This market's growing demand presents a prime opportunity for destinations worldwide, especially those that resonate with the comfort Poles seek when travelling.



Country Profile: Czechia

Population: 10,5 M

Capital: Prague

GDP/capita: 27,223 USD

Number of Outbound Visitors:

5,3 Million

Czechia's outbound tourism is distinguished by its affluent market, thanks to the country's high GDP per capita, positioning Czech travellers among the region's most prolific spenders. With substantial budgets for leisure, Czech families often embark on multiple vacations annually, exploring diverse destinations worldwide. They exhibit a keen interest in both adventure and relaxation, from cultural city breaks to serene beach retreats. Exceptionally well-connected by land and air, Czech travellers are known for their eagerness to explore new experiences, making them a highly desirable demographic for global tourism markets.



Country Profile: Romania

Population: 19 M

Capital: Bucharest

GDP/capita: 15,787 USD

Number of Outbound Visitors:

12 Million

Romanian outbound tourism stands out for its vibrancy and volume, with over 60% of Romanians embarking on at least one holiday annually, boasting the longest average stay in the region—over 8.5 days. This reflects a travel culture rich in diversity and enthusiasm. While Romanians do seek value for money, the allure of a destination's attractiveness is equally pivotal. To captivate Romanian travellers, destinations must offer a compelling blend of affordability, unique experiences, and cultural resonance, ensuring they provide both exceptional value and unforgettable moments.

Your Next Marketing Voice

for Central Europe

Vitalij Izbriszov, the CEO of Terranova Central Europe, is a visionary leader with a passion for travel and culture. With extensive experience in the tourism sector, Vitalij has taken initiatives to promote Central European travellers globally. His expertise in strategy, marketing, and business development is targeted to position Terranova as a key player in connecting Central European travellers with world-class experiences.

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360° Services

Our passion is activating cross-marketing campaigns, enabling higher cost-effectivity. We have developed innovative and interactive "community marketing" methods that transform repeaters into freaks and brand ambassadors. We create different marketing messages and channels for the various growth-potential segments. We educate, strengthen and join forces with the local travel industry.

Interested in Roadshow?

Leverage Central Europe's tourism potential by visiting key B2B hubs: Warsaw, Bucharest, Prague, and Budapest. With Terranova Central Europe, enable meetings with top leaders of the local trade industry, and gain unparalleled market access and expert insights to enhance your region or brand's inbound tourism.

Ready for the meeting?

Engage with key leaders in the local trade industry, and gain invaluable market access and expert insights to elevate your region or brand's inbound tourism efforts.

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