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Blue Skies

The Perfect Match: Terranova and The Ixian Grand & All Suites

By leveraging expertise, insights, and innovative strategies, Terranova enables businesses to navigate the dynamic landscape effectively. We are proud to present a brand new partnership with awarded The Ixian Grand & All Suites, an all-inclusive 5* heaven for adults in a holistic concept nested on the medieval fairytale island Rhodes in Greece, surrounded by the majestic Aegean Sea.

Our powerful alliance will bring a wealth of benefits, enabling The Ixian Grand & All Suites to enhance its brand presence in the booming Israeli market, attract more guests, and boost revenue.

In today's competitive and ever-evolving hospitality industry, we are continuously seeking innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve. For The Ixian Grand & All Suites we are developing personalized marketing strategies and tailored marketing campaigns that align with the hotel's unique selling points and values intending to optimize its advertising efforts and ensuring maximum return on investment. Terranova team creates exclusively with fresh perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking, delivering captivating campaigns, unique experiences, and experiential promotions that set the hotel apart from its competitors with potential to go viral and create a buzz, further amplifying the hotel's reach and impact.

Fully embodying the sun and sea. The sublime scenery envelops The Ixian Grand & All Suites, the spacious 5* heaven collection of rooms & suites with private pools & spa tubs, boast sensational views from the beachfront of Ixia Beach, Rhodes Island. Here, free your mind and wake your senses.

Indulge in culinary sensations and flavourful journeys with an all-inclusive, carefree philosophy that lets you follow your taste palate’s impulses day-in, day-out. Soothe yourself in wellness facilities and energize your vibe in entertainment activities. Come for the view and stay a while, to connect and rejoice, providing yourself with a canvas to make every waking moment a spontaneous joy-ride, just as you please.



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