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The Story of Terranova

In the bustling city of Tel Aviv, unwavering passion for tourism and destination marketing encouraged Dov Kalmann, a seasoned tourism entrepreneur, to found Terranova, which has soon become the leading destination marketing & PR company.

The Journey. With a clear vision in mind, Dov Kalmann began building the company from scratch. He was dedicated to the tourism industry research and utilizing unique strengths, emphasizing the values he could bring through his innovative and personalized approach.

His dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism were recognized and word of Terranova's success began to spread. Terranova gained recognition in the industry and soon started to collaborate with the biggest governmental agencies, hotels and tourist destinations in Thailand, Japan, and Austria.

Dov Kalmann expanded his team, hiring talented individuals who shared his passion and work ethic. He fostered a supportive and collaborative work environment, where everyone's ideas were valued, and innovation was encouraged. Terranova's team thrived, and the company continued to flourish.

The Connection. One day, Imri Kalmann decided it was time to turn more dreams into reality. He knocked on Dov's doors and shared his plan: "Father, I believe we have the potential to create something incredible together." The father and son duo worked tirelessly to deliver exceptional results. Dov Kalmann focused on strong client relationships and managing business operations, while Imri delved deep into creating and implementing cutting-edge marketing strategies.

Little did Dov know that his son would soon ascend to the position of CEO. With a clear vision, Imri Kalmann rearranged all Terranova organizational structures. His team now provides innovative marketing support to over 20 tourism brands. Within this framework, Dov Kalmann will remain the "Chief Storyteller," Chairperson, and owner.

Dreams Do Come True. Terranova has been present in the Israeli market since 2001 and has become its leading destination marketing & PR company. It provides intelligence and marketing strategy assessments, brand awareness, and sales promotion. Every Terranova team member is a storyteller driven by a passion for sightseeing, understanding cultures, and building bridges.

Terranova has become a force to be connected with. Team dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment transformed the Israeli tourism industry. They had not only built a successful business but also a strong bond between the world and their home.

Looking back on their journey, Dov and Imri Kalmann realized that Terranova was more than just a means of making a living. It was a testament to their shared values, resilience, and the love they had for each other. Their story inspired many others, proving that with determination, teamwork, and a little bit of magic, dreams truly do come true.

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