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Annual V4 Conference


Organization and hosting the prestigious annual workshop and roadshow for the

Visegrad Coalition aimed to enhance B2B relations with the Israeli tourism industry.

Organizing the Annual V4 conference in Israel
May 2023

Hungary's National Tourist Office


Our Approach

Hungary's National Tourist Office (HNTO) engaged our services to organize and host the prestigious annual workshop for the Visegrad Coalition. This event, part of Terranova's representation for HNTO, aimed to enhance B2B relations with the Israeli tourism industry.


The V4 countries, comprising Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Poland, jointly led the annual conference promoting tourism in Central Europe. It marked a significant milestone in fostering closer ties between these nations and the Israeli travel trade.


The conference featured senior officials from the tourism bureaus of all four countries and local representatives from various sectors, including travel agents, hoteliers, attraction managers, and tourism wholesalers. With the participation of 70 Israeli representatives, the conference served as a platform to showcase the latest developments, businesses, and accommodations tailored to the Israeli tourism market. It facilitated in-person interactions with one of Central Europe's leading tourism markets.


Subsequently, Terranova organized a roadshow, allowing HNTO representatives to engage with key Israeli tourism and aviation stakeholders, fostering opportunities for groundbreaking collaborations.

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