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Austria Summer Campaign 


Developing an impactful series of marketing programs to grow  

the visibility of Austria as a family-oriented destination for the summer. 

Marketing Campaign
Cool Family Challenge
June 2023

Austrian National Tourist Office


Our Approach

For Austria's Israeli representation office, we developed an impactful series of marketing programs to grow the visibility of Austria as a family-oriented destination in the Israeli market. Our primary objective was to challenge the prevailing Israeli perception of Austria as a too-strict culture and infuse it with a sense of coolness, making it more appealing to young families. To achieve this, we implemented a diverse range of marketing strategies, collaborating with Israel's largest cinema chain 'Cinema City,' featuring print ads and employing social media advertising with the slogan "Cool Down the Austrian Way".

To maximize our reach and create a buzz in the digital realm and media, we launched the Instagram #coolfamilychallenge >>>>> This challenge urged Israeli families to spend their summer vacations in Austria. Participants were encouraged to creatively and humorously push one of their family members into a water source, capturing the moment on the video >>>>> and sharing it on their Instagram profiles while adding the hashtag and tagging our page. The #coolfamilychallenge Winner was rewarded with an extraordinary 7-night trip to Tirol, including return flights, sponsored by Israir and 7 days at Holidays on the Farm. This immersive and engaging campaign not only garnered significant attention but also inspired families to explore Austria as an alluring and family-friendly holiday spot.

We generated a significant impact on the travel trade and media by organizing a VIP event at the Austrian ambassador's residence. This event was attended by the CEO of the Austrian National Tourism Office, Mrs Astrid Steharnig-Staudinger and the Director of the Middle East Office, Mr Michael Tauschmann as well as leading stakeholders from the Austrian private sector. The event gathered prominent influencers and journalists and revolved around the exciting theme of a pool party. Terranova secured a range of sponsors to enhance the event and contribute to its success, including Israir Airlines and European Union patronage. 

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Austrian National Tourist Office Israel.png
European Union

The Results

Throughout our marketing campaign, 10 influencer families participated in the #coolfamilychallenge, inspiring other families to join in as well. Additionally, we successfully partnered with Israir Airlines to provide support for the campaign development trips.


Furthermore, we garnered extensive media coverage in the print press with a circulation of over 150,000. Featured print and social media ads in collaboration with Israel's largest cinema chain 'Cinema City' reached 463,620 people. Our exclusive launch event received rave feedback. Among the 80 VIP guests were top-tier tradesmen, prominent influencers, and esteemed journalists, including Moran Tarasov and Merav Miller. 
talented Eden Mor Yosef captured the essence and beauty of the event.

We are thrilled with the fast growth of our Hebrew Instagram page >>>>> promoting Austria on our market and the significant impact of the campaign on our follower count, which has surged from 24 to an impressive 1000.

We are thrilled with the results and eager to continue building on this success.




Media Reach


Press Articles


New Followers

The Tyrol region is one of the most beautiful regions in Austria, the Alpine mountain range makes it a very special region, with clear lakes, wild landscapes, mountain slides and attractions for the whole family. Others who are interested in an ideal urban vacation will find it in Vienna, the city that wins year after year the title of the best city in the world. We are happy to launch the summer campaign, which showcases the pastoral regions of Austria, and offers plenty of activities that can easily fill a week or more. The family that wins the Cool family Challenge will be able to enjoy the ultimate summer vacation.

Michael Tauschmann, Austrian Tourist Office


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